Cheryll Wagner

I am the CEO of Business2Mobile Software Solutions. Our mission is to help people. Our goal is to help business owners to get excited about working in their businesses again. We want them to spend less time worrying about the unknowns and give them the power and insight to make those informed transformational decisions on a daily basis so that when they leave work, they are not taking the burdens of being a business owner home with them. Our clients have a strong vision for the future of their companies, and they care about their employees and their well-being. They care about their communities and the environment around them. They recognize that they have inefficiencies in the way they are operating their businesses and are wanting help to improve the efficiency of their operations. Their businesses are flourishing already but they want to launch their business to the moon with a 10x improvement moonshot. Why? Because they see the potential of taking bigger risks for transformational improvements vs small incremental changes. We believe in building a solid foundation with our clients. We tailor our technology based on the detailed input we receive from our clients as the relationship forms. We believe in creating efficient, uncluttered, easy-to-adopt applications that do not have unwanted fluff and confusion. We are here to help change the GDP in Northern BC by supporting incredible people in the various industries that we touch with our technology. Together, we believe that we can build resilience in the North and we can prosper together.

Make Your Company More Attractive to Buyers by Implementing OI in Your Operations!

Operational Intelligence (OI) can assist a company to become more saleable by providing real-time, actionable insights that help the company optimize its operations and make data-driven decisions. Our OI systems create transparency and allow for continuous insight into business operations making a company more attractive to potential buyers or investors.

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How Operational Intelligence Can Assist in a Company’s Evaluation!

Operational Intelligence can help companies gain a holistic view of their operations and identify opportunities for optimization and growth. By using data-driven insights to evaluate their performance, companies can make informed decisions that drive their success. Real-time monitoring, Data-driven insights, Strategic planning & Continuous improvement are 4 ways OI can assist in company evaluation.

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Knowing Your Profitability Per Project Can Help You Grow Your Business.

Knowing your profit per project is essential for making informed business decisions. It can help you allocate resources more effectively and prioritize projects that generate the most profit. One of the key benefits of knowing your profit per project is that it enables you to evaluate the financial performance of your business more accurately.

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An App For This, an App For That!

Using multiple disconnected apps in your business can hurt your capacity by leading to duplication of effort, inconsistent information flow, and difficulty in analyzing and reporting on data. To overcome these challenges, consider adopting an integrated software solution that connects all of your business processes and functions into a single platform. This can help streamline your workflows, improve communication, and provide you with the data and insights you need to optimize your business performance and increase your capacity to grow.

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